We started 14 years back as a small clinic that did not believe in the conventional way healthcare is provided to the masses. Traditional health care is all about diagnosing and treating. There is nothing before or after. It is that simple but healthcare can never be that simple.

We remember the good old days when a visit to the Doctor was not a daunting and dreadful activity but one filled with hope and affection. Our clinic welcomes one and all, without any prejudice and sense of nobility.

You can walk in with an appointment and until you are happy we will not let you leave. Money is secondary for us. Our team is well established and has a long history of successful cases behind them. They are no longer motivated by monetary objectives but rather wish to give back on a holistic level to the society.

When you walk in through our doors, you come sick and worried but when you walk out you will leave with a smile and the knowledge that there is an entire team worrying on your behalf so you need not!